Transform Your Landscape into a Special Garden Retreat

Earthly Creations specializes in creating thematic parks, greening of board rooms, eco inspired eateries, restaurants, refreshing work spaces- to lend a touch of sensitivity, freshness and completeness.

Catch them young – is a new classical first at Earthly Creations – where young scholars are sensitized towards the animals and bird shaped pots covering the alphas from A-Z. Presently we are creating alpha parks/ mini zoos, for Schools, Residential societies, where children walk along with animals and birds and understand them better- through touch and feel.

Hanging Pots

Hanging pots don’t require much space or attendance. Pest plants have no way to affect

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Floor Pots

Your garden is that one place you would want to escape to whenever you thrive for tranquil

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Bird House/Bath

Make birds a part of your garden hang bird houses and bird baths for your feathered friends as having

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Any occasion that is worth celebrating, is also worth gifting. We don't need any specific day or date to

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Table Tops

There is nothing like a personal gift that one took time and care to grow or select. Ideally, exchange of

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Space Saver Pots

With the current evolving modular trend,where smart and compact things are preferred more over the

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It is not possible for everybody to maintain a garden of their own. Today's fast life doesn't allow us the

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Wall Pots

The world is growing; more and more people are moving to high rise apartments or multi-storied builder

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Little things we make add on to the bigger picture. When decorating or re- decorating a room in a new

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