Make birds a part of your garden– hang bird houses and bird baths for your feathered friends as having them in your garden will benefit you more than you could think of. Keeping a bird house or a bird bath or both will only ensure that they keep coming back and that little chirp to your garden. Terracotta and wood are the best material for the chirping happy companions of your garden. So let your chirpy friends be a part of your daily life with the help of our bird houses and bird baths.

Why Bird House And Bath ?

These bird houses and bird baths can bring a sprightliness to your garden or patio. These can be kept according to your convenience as they are less space occupying.  Attracting birds have many benefits of its own. They control pests, help in pollination and it is proven that bird watching is a stress relieving activity.  

  • Adds sprightliness to your garden area
  • Are portable and less space occupying
  • Having birds around is beneficial
  • Helps in pest control and pollination
  • It is a very stress relieving activity

Maintenance Tips

Make sure that the little space for your chirpy friends is always clean and well ventilated. Accumulated dust and debris can cause them harm.

It’s better to keep the bird houses and bird baths under some shade. This will help the birds rest well on a very hot and sunny day.

Don’t let water stagnate inside the bird houses and bird baths. This is unhygienic for everybody. Keep the bird houses and baths clean and fresh for use.

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