Your garden is that one place you would want to escape to whenever you thrive for tranquil. The serenity of the green and the brightness of the colorful flowers give an ethereal peace to the mind. But to keep your garden as exquisite and amicable as ever; it needs some nurturing too. And the most basic thing to adorn a garden with is the pots. Floor Pots have evolved tremendously in today’s constantly changing trend. From the plain terracotta pots, we have now pots designed in different innovative styles easily available to us. We offer a vast range of variety in Floor Pots that can add that extra zing to your garden.

Why Floor Pots ?

Floor Pots can be the best economical way to display your plants and flowers. They have a very low maintenance cost and have a great durability. You don’t need any heavy equipments for plants in Floor Pots. Different types of plants require different types of soil; Floor pots allow you to have this variety. You can reuse them to grow something different. Whenever a plant stops flowering you can easily replace that plant with another. The portability of the pots gives you the freedom to move them indoors, on a patio or a balcony; according to your wish and taste.

  • Low maintenance for the plants.
  • No heavy equipments required for gardening.
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Available in different sizes and are also portable

Maintenance Tips

Although indoor plants require the minimal care and watering but the accumulated dust needs pruning at least once a week. Another important thing is that sunlight is always good for a plant’s health especially in winters; so place your plants and saplings in such a way that some warmth of the sun reaches them.

Maintain your container gardens by removing the damaged flowers and leaves. Be sure of the size you want it to grow; cut them short whenever you feel necessary but make sure not to overdo it.

Don’t let dirt clog the beauty of your home decors. Brush the dirt away to retain their radiance. You can use a small feather duster, or a soft sponge or make a miniature mop on your on.

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