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Hanging pots are a very effective and fulfilling alternative to outdoor gardens. Those who don’t have enough space to have a lawn garden can easily create a nice hanging garden with these colorful and innovative pots. These pots are the best way to show case cascade plants and flowers. They help you create a clean and very tidy outdoor area. The above-the-ground placement of the pots brings greens and vibrant colors at an eye level.

Why Hanging Pots ?

Hanging pots don’t require much space or attendance. Pest plants have no way to affect them which makes it much easier and convenient for gardeners who newly developed this passion. They can be positioned according to your wish; hung indoors or out, bringing in a small piece of nature to a more accessible space.

    • Less space occupying
    • Requires very minimal attendance
    • Can be kept outdoors as well as indoors
    • Pest plants cannot reach these pots

Maintenance Tips

Although indoor plants require the minimal care and watering but the accumulated dust needs pruning at least once a week. Another important thing is that sunlight is always good for a plant’s health especially in winters; so place your plants and saplings in such a way that some warmth of the sun reaches them.

Maintain your container gardens by removing the damaged flowers and leaves. Be sure of the size you want it to grow; cut them short whenever you feel necessary but make sure not to overdo it.

Don’t let dirt clog the beauty of your home decors. Brush the dirt away to retain their radiance.

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