Maintaining a lawn garden is unquestionably some tedious task. Today’s fast life doesn’t allow us the expanse of having a nice and elaborate outdoor garden. But this shouldn’t disappoint anybody willing to have some greenery in their house. Miniature gardens allow you to have your own dream garden in a very cute and petite form! You can have a dreamy world of fairy gardens or the exquisite tray gardens, terrarium or even a bonsai décor; there are as many options as you could think of! So don’t let space confine you!

Why Miniatures ?

Miniature garden gives you the contentment of having your own garden within a small space. Its maintenance is less time consuming. They can be placed anywhere in your house; indoors or outdoors, all they require is a tiny corner. Considering the fact that miniature gardens require a very hassle free maintenance, anyone can take care of these gardens.

  • Low maintenance and less time required for up-keeping
  • These are portable and can fit in any corner of your house
  • Can be kept both indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect for small space apartments
  • Easily maintained by gardeners of all age

Maintenance Tips

Although indoor plants require the minimal care and watering but the accumulated dust needs pruning at least once a week. Another important thing is that sunlight is always good for a plant’s health especially in winters; so place your plants and saplings in such a way that some warmth of the sun reaches them.

Maintain your container gardens by removing the damaged flowers and leaves. Be sure of the size you want it to grow; cut them short whenever you feel necessary but make sure not to overdo it.

Don’t let dirt clog the beauty of your home decors. Brush the dirt away to retain their radiance. You can use a small feather duster, or a soft sponge or make a miniature mop on your on.

Customer Feedback

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