With the current evolving modular trend,where smart and compact things are preferred more over the extravagant decors; we also have evolved with our garden decors. Space savers are just the thing for people who want some green in their house but cannot afford the space to have anything too elaborate and extravagant. The belief, that a garden requires huge lawn or a plot of land, is obsolete. If you have only a limited space, even a tiny patio, you can very easily grow plants of your choice with our space savers.

Why Space Saver Pots ?

Our Space saver containers fulfill your wish to have a small garden of your own. It allows you to have multiple planting or a group planting thereby reducing your occupied space. These pots are very convenient for watering and requires very minimal maintenance. Shelved planters help utilize your space in a very optimized manner. And you can even show it off to guests as a collection you adorn!

    • Lets one utilize the small spaces to have their own garden.
    • Shelved planters optimizes the space and allows multiple planting.
    • Very convenient to water.
    • Requires very low maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

Although indoor plants require the minimal care and watering but the accumulated dust needs pruning at least once a week. Another important thing is that sunlight is always good for a plant’s health especially in winters; so place your plants and saplings in such a way that some warmth of the sun reaches them.

Maintain your container gardens by removing the damaged flowers and leaves. Be sure of the size you want it to grow; cut them short whenever you feel necessary but make sure not to overdo it.

Don’t let dirt clog the beauty of your home decors. Brush the dirt away to retain their radiance. You can use a small feather duster, or a soft sponge or make a miniature mop on your on.

Customer Feedback

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