There is nothing like a personal gift that one took time and care to grow or select. Ideally, exchange of gifts does not need an occasion. But a few occasions need special attention like birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals. Giving gifts is a genuine token of affection. It is a symbol of personal relationship; a universal way of showing appreciation and gratitude to other. The whole act of giving is determining what needs to be given and making sure it is appropriate for the person. Our collection of gifts and table decors are exactly the right choice for gifting something special to someone special.

Why Table tops ?

The gifts and table top décor collection comprise of small give aways that have a lot of significance in itself. These little token of love are inexpensive. Gifting these accessories to a friend or a loved one will surely spread the message of love and affection.

    • Small give aways to gift on every occasions, be it special or small.
    • Reasonably priced décor and gift items.
    • Require less upkeep and occupy less space.
    • Very genuine way to show affection.

Maintenance Tips

Always make sure to keep these decors clean and shining. You can use a small feather duster, or a soft sponge or make a miniature mop on your own.

You can also lightly wash these decors using soap and sponge. Be careful not to scrub, just wash and rinse and then gently wipe away the moisture.

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