The world is growing; more and more people are moving to apartments or multi-storied builder flats. Space for lawns and gardens have reduced to negligible. People are looking for different innovative ways to have some greens in their house. Having plants inside can help you relax and bring the serenity of nature into your home. Vertical Gardening is one way to add that green essence to your home. Our segment of Wall pots is the perfect solution in this category. It is the smartest way for you to indulge in indoor gardening yet keep your floors clutter free! These Wall Pots are a hassle free and low maintenance investment for your home decor.

Why Wall Pots ?

Wall Pots are the easiest and a very hassle free way of incorporating indoor gardens to your own space. It is cheaper than maintaining an outdoor garden which requires heavy equipments and high maintenance. You can experiment with the positioning of the planters as per your wish and still have enough open floor space.

  • Add greens to your home without cluttering the floors
  • Hassle free and low maintenance required
  • Cheaper than maintaining lawn gardens
  • Extraordinarily beautiful designs to blend in with your interiors decors.

Maintenance Tips

Although indoor plants require the minimal care and watering but the accumulated dust needs pruning at least once a week. Another important thing is that sunlight is always good for a plant’s health especially in winters; so place your plants and saplings in way that some warmth of the sun reaches them.

Maintain your container gardens by removing the damaged flowers and leaves. Be sure of the size you want it to grow; cut them short whenever you feel necessary but make sure not to overdo it.

Don’t let dirt clog the beauty of your home decors. Brush the dirt away to retain their radiance. You can use a small feather duster, or a soft sponge or make a miniature mop on your on.

Customer Feedback

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  • Wall Pots – 07 | Terracotta | Green Frog Wall Planter

  • Wall Pots – 05 | Terracotta | Oval Wall Planter

  • Wall Pots – 04 | Terracotta | Square Wall Planter

  • Wall Pots – 03 | Terracotta | Baseball Cap Wall Planter

  • Wall Pots – 02 | Terracotta | Long Fish Wall Planter